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Can we really trust the official Docker images?

Sep 3, 2015

Yeap, this is another rant on the security practices of Docker users. Like we didn’t have enough of those already. I recently revamped the CI system we use at my workplace. I ended up using a combination of Phabricator, Jenkins, Docker and the Docker registry, but more on this on another blogpost. Since I made heavy use of Docker for all of the above, I started poking around the Dockerfiles that are used to create the ‘official’ Docker images for a bunch of projects.

Using msmtp to handle mail delivery

Jun 2, 2015

Following the example of GKH and others, I’ve added one more piece of software on my email setup and workflow. That piece is msmtp, a very simple and lightweight SMTP client, that integrates really well with the rest of my setup. At its core, msmtp does one thing. It gets mail from a MUA -in my case mutt- and relays it to a remote SMTP server. Its strength lies in its configuration file.

On proper git commit messages and frequent git pushes

Mar 28, 2015

Note: this is a rant on how people use git. When I was introduced to git, I was told I should read this great post on git commit messages by Tim Pope. Ever since, I’ve been trying to follow that system in all of my commits across all projects. Yesterday, I decided to switch from awesome to dwm. I tried to apply one of the available dwm patches, only to notice it doesn’t work with the latest version of dwm.

NotMuch is awesome

Mar 17, 2015

In one of my previous posts, I explained my email setup in detail. Since then I’ve added one more piece of software on the “stack”. It’s called NotMuch and it’s an email indexer. After email is saved locally, thanks to offlineimap, it gets indexed by NotMuch in order to be searchable. NotMuch supports tags, uses Xapian for searches which means it supports stemming and is super quick and lightweight. I’ve integrated mutt with NotMuch using the notmuch-mutt package on Debian, mutt-notmuch-py (although this can be done in many - simpler - ways) and a couple of lines on my .muttrc.

My email Server Setup

Mar 11, 2015

Wanting to have more control over my email, I decided to setup my own mail server. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of how mail works, considering my mutt/offlineimap/imapfilter setup, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised while setting everything up. For my setup I decided to go with a typical postfix/dovecot installation. I used a Debian KVM machine from Prometeus, which is based in Italy and, as far as I understand, is under the Italian jurisdiction, with 512MB RAM and a 25GB SSD which ought to be enough for my needs.

My mail setup using Mutt/OfflineIMAP/imapfilter

Feb 27, 2015

Update 17/03/2015: I’m also using NotMuch now, for more info check out this post. Update 2/6/2015: I’ve added msmtp to the mix, check out my new post about it. This is part of a series of posts where I describe my workflow and OS setup. I use email a lot both in work and my daily life, so I want/need to have a lot of control on my mail. I use IMAP for getting my email for all my accounts and SMTP to send mails.

Kippo findings round two

Dec 28, 2014

It’s been over a month since I set up twelve Kippo hosts using my Ansible playbook, time to get some stats. Total Login Attempts: 4279170 Total Unique IPs: 5439 Total Unique Passwords: 383182 Total Unique Usenames: 3577 Total Unique Files Downloaded: 28 And here’s a pipal analysis. Total entries = 4272225 Total unique entries = 389335 Top 10 passwords admin = 5644 (0.13%) 123456 = 2747 (0.06%) root123 = 2678