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My mail setup using Mutt/OfflineIMAP/imapfilter

Feb 27, 2015

Update 17/03/2015: I’m also using NotMuch now, for more info check out this post. Update 2/6/2015: I’ve added msmtp to the mix, check out my new post about it. This is part of a series of posts where I describe my workflow and OS setup. I use email a lot both in work and my daily life, so I want/need to have a lot of control on my mail. I use IMAP for getting my email for all my accounts and SMTP to send mails.

Kippo findings round two

Dec 28, 2014

It’s been over a month since I set up twelve Kippo hosts using my Ansible playbook, time to get some stats. Total Login Attempts: 4279170 Total Unique IPs: 5439 Total Unique Passwords: 383182 Total Unique Usenames: 3577 Total Unique Files Downloaded: 28 And here’s a pipal analysis. Total entries = 4272225 Total unique entries = 389335 Top 10 passwords admin = 5644 (0.13%) 123456 = 2747 (0.06%) root123 = 2678

Deploying Kippo with Ansible

Nov 25, 2014

I’ve been running some instances of Kippo for quite some while now with great results. I recently wrote an Ansible playbook to automate the process of deploying Kippo hosts and also make it scalable. You can find the playbook on my GitHub page, specifically here. In a nutshell, the playbook will deploy a central database for all the Kippo hosts to log incoming attacks and then deploy a number of Kippo hosts.

My tmux config and a small tmux primer

Nov 13, 2014

It’s been a little over a month since I started using tmux. Below, I’ll try to explain most of my .tmux.conf, a bit of my current workflow using awesome + tmux and various cool stuff you can do with tmux. My latest .tmux.conf can be found on my dotfiles repo on GitHub. Tmux config file unbind C-b set -g prefix C-a As most people, I’m using C-a as my bind key.

Updating tmux without 'killing' active sessions

Oct 10, 2014

I’ve been using tmux for a while, and even though I didn’t like it at first, now I’m in love with it. I’m mostly using it as a GNU Screen alternative, but I don’t use some of its fancy features like tabs, mainly because my window manager takes care of multiple terminal windows for me. After a while, I got bored of starting a tmux session and configuring it every time, so I decided to give tmuxinator a try.

Making a RS-232/UART adaptor

May 28, 2014

A couple of months ago I wanted to experiment with the serial console of an old router I had laying around. Not wanting to buy a UART to RS-232 adaptor, I decided to make one myself. After all, I had some spare MAX3232 left over from a previous project (for which I still haven’t blogged). I just followed the schematic provided by the datasheet and 15 minutes of soldering later, this was the end result.

Octopress here I come!

May 28, 2014

I decided to port my blog to Octopress and move away from Wordpress after all these years. The reason for this is twofold: I’ve really gotten used to working with vim, git, github and the surrounding workflow. Static site generators are all the rage currently, so who am I to miss out? Why Octopress and not something based on Python like Pelican or Nikola? I simply decided to do something that will get me out of my comfort zone and also teach me something new.